Thursday, August 4, 2011

Shadow's Son

Shadow’s Sonby Jon Sprunk, is very cliché. The run-of-the-mill assassin, Caim, is an orphan with an unknown past and mysterious power.  Caim accepts a job even though he has a bad feeling about it. When he arrives to complete his mission, he finds his target already dead.  That’s when Josey enters the room; the spoiled, naïve daughter of Caim’s target. Fragile Josey barely issues a scream before some other assassins enter the room intent on disposing of Caim and Josey.  They escape from the assassins and form an unlikely partnership as they attempt to find out who set Caim up and who killed Josey’s father. Naturally these two develop romantic feelings for each other, which in turn, makes Caim’s ghost companion jealous… I could go on but you get the point.
Despite Sprunk’s reliance on clichés, I found Shadow’s Son to be a quick and entertaining read. Sprunk’s fantasy world was more interesting to me than his characters. Nevertheless, I’m looking forward to reading the recently published sequel Shadow’s Lure. If you’re looking for something to read at the beach, stop by the library and pick up Shadow’s Son.
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