Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Domino Pattern

Today's review of Timothy Zahn's "The Domino Pattern" comes from special guest, Jeff Rouviere.

"The Domino Pattern" begins with action and mystery; a killer is aboard a galactic transportation system. The passengers, the crew members, and everyone on board are locked in. Frank and his cohort Bayta’s mission, to explore an alien species attempting to seize control of the galaxy, is obstructed by the presence of the killer. They are forced to avert attention from their original assignment in order to find out how the murderer was able to sneak poison onto a transportation system the prides itself on providing the utmost safety to its passengers.

This book is impossible to put down through the first half of its pages; then it begins to lose momentum. The characters and concepts are well thought out and appealing to the reader. Overall this book is worth checking out. For the most part it is an interesting and fun read. However, it could have been a little shorter and quicker to the point.

Have you read "The Domino Pattern"? If so what are your thoughts?

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