Thursday, September 2, 2010

The God Engines

Initially I hesitated to read “The God Engines” by John Scalzi because I had read and enjoyed “The Ghost Brigades”, but I didn’t enjoy “Zoe’s Tale”. However, once I cracked open this book I realized I was going to be late for work. “The God Engines” is a short novella that is impossible to put down.

This imaginative SciFi-fantasy mixture tells the tale of Captain Ean Tephe and the crew of the Righteous, a ship powered by an enslaved god. Tephe and the crew are tasked to travel to a distant planet with the intent to convert the local population into worshipers of Captain Tephe’s god. Something about the mission is amiss from the very beginning. Tephe’s superiors in the Bishopry Militant give far too few details, something that Tephe accepts out of faith and duty. Throughout the story Captain Tephe attempts to piece together the true nature of his mission. Unfortunately the mission turns extraordinarily horrible and Tephe’s faith is shaken to its core.

The God Engines” is powerfully dark and definitely worth reading.

Here are links to Scalzi’s other books in our catalogue:

Old Man’s War
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If you've read any of Scalzi's work leave a comment below. If not, stop into the Avon Library and check them out.


  1. I've read and enjoyed Scalzi's "Old Man's War", as I get older I keep thinking it I'd like to have that option down the road!

    Another source of Scalzi and sci-fi info is the blog that John Scalzi has called "Whatever", it's a fun read into the mind of an author and a great source of sci-fi info.

  2. Joe,

    Thanks for the info about Scalzi's blog. I'll post a link to it ASAP.