Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Star Wars Fatal Alliance

Star Wars The Old Republic: Fatal Alliance” by Sean Williams is a must read for fans of the Star Wars franchise. It contains all the necessary ingredients of a great Star Wars novel: a Hutt crime lord, an evil Sith Lord and his apprentice, an insecure Jedi Padawan, and a mysterious Mandalorian.

In this novel, a Hutt crime syndicate comes into possession of a wrecked starship that contains a mysterious cargo. The Hutts attempt to auction the secret contents of the ship to the highest bidder. The Sith Empire and the Republic send representatives to negotiate for the Ship.

Tensions rise as the true value of the wrecked starship is revealed; its contents could influence the ongoing war between the Sith and the Republic. Both sides resort to clandestine attempts to steal the starship from a high-security vault. Nothing is as it seems in this tale from the Old Republic Era.

If you’re a fan of the Star Wars saga or if you’re looking for a quick read, click here to place it on hold now.

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