Friday, November 19, 2010

Boneshaker, Clockwork Century #1, by Cherie Priest

In Seattle, during the 1860’s, Leviticus Blue invents the Boneshaker; a mining machine, financed by the Russian government, intended to make Yukon gold more accessible. Unfortunately the Boneshaker’s initial test destroys much of the downtown area. To make matters worse a toxic gas begins seeping from the ground turning all who breathe it into ravenous zombies. Fast-forward about a dozen years and the story begins.
Leviticus Blue’s widow, Briar Wilkes, ventures into the walled-off zombie infested ruins of downtown Seattle in search of her son, Ezekiel, who has gone looking for answers about his father. Briar and Zeke meet a cast of remarkable characters as they encounter air pirates, mysterious Chinamen, criminals, a mad inventor (who  might be Levi Blue in disguise), and hordes of hungry zombies.
Boneshaker is an interesting steampunk fantasy adventure. It won the 2010 Locus award for Best Science Fiction Novel, the PNBA award, and was nominated for both the Hugo and Nebula awards. I recommend it to anyone who is into steampunk, alternate history, or fantasy.
Stop by the library or place it on hold. Also check out the next novel in the Clockwork Century series Dreadnought.
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