Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Unincorporated Man

The Unincorporated Man explores a distant future in which people are incorporated at birth. Citizens of this future spend most of their lives trying to achieve majority ownership of themselves. Want to go to college? You’ll have to sell some shares of yourself. Want to change your job? You better ask your investors if they’ll let you.
The story traces the experience of Justin Cord, a billionaire businessman from the past. His revival from suspended animation causes social and political turmoil since Justin has not been incorporated. Justin has to adapt to this future world that is vastly different from the one he came from. While he is adjusting, factions maneuver to cash in on the “discovery” of Justin. Who owns him? Who will profit off him? Who will determine Justin’s fate?
This strange future world explores and critiques ideas of economic freedom, self determination, and profit motive. At times this is thought provoking, other times it’s longwinded. The future world is well detailed and believable. Overall the book was a good read and is highly recommended. It won the 2010 Prometheus Award for Best Novel.

Visit the library or place it on hold. Also check out this book's sequel The Unincorporated War. I haven't had a chance to read it yet so I'd love to get someone else's opinion.

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